White-Space Analysis


“White Space” is the area with little or no patenting activity. “White Space” designates an analysis methodology that identifies the absence of patents in a particular product or technology area as a primary driver of innovation decision-making. There is no doubt that an important aspect of any innovation assessment is when a company is introducing a new product or technology and it needs to know at an early stage whether it can own the fruits of its innovation efforts, and whether it might be sued for infringement by a third party.

Our Approach

IIPRD conducts an in-depth analysis of patents belonging to a particular domain of technology. We provide charts showing technology growth and white-gap area where further R&D can be done to gain a competitive edge and to carry out incremental innovation for new product development. We help clients take tough decisions when looking for growth in existing technologies. Our in-depth analysis and white-space report of technology enable our clients to identify the future potential research areas. Our research team consists of experienced PhDs, Postgraduates and Engineers in many disciplines who prepare the report through intensive research and analytics.