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Backlighting Apparatus

The Technology relates to the backlight apparatus configured to illuminate compatible electro-modulated optical display devices with higher efficiency through manipulation of light to behave as a virtual Polaroid source without losing intensity by increasing the probability of the photons to pass through the polarizer plane.

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Method Of Providing Customized Caller Tune

Invention relates to a method for providing customized caller tune to various users via mobile terminal and a system. System is configured for playing the audio, video files to the caller as per the caller need and interest while calling to other users.

Method For Providing Donation And Communication Between A Donor And Donee In A Network

Invention relates to a method for providing a donation and communication in regard with donations between a donor and donee in a network comprises receiving a communication, transmitting the different options, receiving the donation amount, verifying the code and realizing the payment to the service providers account.

System For Providing Service And Information Through Communication Devices

Invention relates to a method of providing service and information through communication device comprises lodging a request, configuring the system for capturing and sending the response. System is configured to provide all types of requests.


Patent Application Number: WO2010/140167

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Method Of Providing Brand Promotion Via Mobile Terminal And The System

Invention relates to Brand Promotion via mobile terminal comprises receiving advertisement image data from a WAP server, storing the advertisement multimedia contents in the memory unit and outputting the advertisement stored in the memory on a predefined application of the mobile phone.

PCT Application No: WO2010/103537

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