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Laser Produced Plasma System For X-Ray Generation

Invention relates to a Laser Produced Plasma System for X-ray generation, particularly relates to targets coated with structured biological materials. Laser plasma system comprises a laser producing source, a target comprising a biological material selected from cells of microbial, protozoa or plankton origin as a coating on a solid target forming target system that absorbs intense laser pulses, generates hot dense plasma and emits X-rays. This particular target enhances X-ray yield,is environment friendly, and debris free.

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Clever-Texting Mechanism For Touch-Typable Devices

The present invention relates to systems and methods for entering text input in touch-typable devices such as mobile phones using an unambiguous keypad typing scheme for faster typing on limited keypads using a movable keymask and an optimized dynamic key assignment. Click here for product information.

PCT Application Number: WO/2010/082218 and Indian Application (Application No. 2873/DEL/2008) Filed
Assistance given by IIPRD.
Patent Application Drafting and Filing through Khurana & Khurana, Advocates and IP Attorneys

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Multi-Lingual Mobile Keypad/PC Keyboard

Present technology is about Software based on phonetic similarity and multi tapping, compatible for keypads and keyboards that allows easy input of any number of characters of a multilingual script.

Patent Application Number: WO2010131256 Assistance given by IIPRD Complete Patent Protection Through Khurana & Khurana Commercialization Exercise being carried out at advanced levels with 2 leading Tier-2 mobile phone manufacturers.

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Laser Optical Beam Scanning Device

Invention relates to a laser based technology for scanning device. The device comprises piezoelectric actuators for horizontal and vertical vibrations, spherical mirror, laser beam source and a screen. This device avoids distortion in video image due to moment of inertia or high speed rotation and also eliminates addition circuitry for rotation calculation.

PCT Application Number: WO/2011/121584

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Optimization Of Multi Objective Functions

Invention relates to independent optimization of multi objective functions and involves using genetic algorithm to arrive at function optimization and enables the user to select and optimize a function. This method addresses various needs of users like investors, credit rating agencies, funds and investment managers, brokerage houses, research and consultancy organization and assists in timely detection of market irregularities.

Patent Application Number: 7395235

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