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Optimization Of Multi Objective Functions

Invention relates to independent optimization of multi objective functions and involves using genetic algorithm to arrive at function optimization and enables the user to select and optimize a function. This method addresses various needs of users like investors, credit rating agencies, funds and investment managers, brokerage houses, research and consultancy organization and assists in timely detection of market irregularities.

Status of Patent: US Patent 7395235 Click here

Method To Generate Transliteration

Invention relates to a method to generate transliteration of source language using decision tree based technique comprises selecting text to identify predetermined character, representing various possible phonetics, generating transliterated words, grouping generated words, analyzing annotated words, and applying predetermined rules on analyzed words to generate transliteration of the source language into target language.

Status of Patent: Patent Pending in India No: 8005664 Click here

System For Detecting The Partial Discharge In Electrical Insulation Of Power Appliances Operating At High Voltage

Invention relates to a process for detecting and measuring the partial discharge occurring in electrical insulations that are present in power appliances operating at high voltage. The process implements a non-destructive and non-invasive technique for measurement in an integrated system and it is a single, portable, integrated unit acting as the platform for the software modules to be implemented and is capable of detecting the partial discharge signal from electrical insulations.

Status of Patent: Patent Pending in India No: 2070/KOL/2008 Click here

Avoiding Eaves Dropping In Electronic Devices

Invention relates to a method and an attenuation device for attenuation of voice signals to avoid eavesdropping in electronic devices such as mobile phone, comprises one acoustic to electric transducer configured to generate at least one reference signal, a prediction unit and a control unit. The attenuation is performed through a modified active noise cancellation technique.

Status of Patent: Patent Pending in India No: 1542/CHE/2010 Click here

Portable System And Process For Detecting The Condition Of Oil-Paper Composite Insulation In Electrical Equipment

Invention relates to a system for monitoring the condition of electrical equipment such as transformers and bushings. Integrated portable system for detecting condition of oil-paper composite insulation in electrical equipment incorporates an expert system for analyzing the acquired data for assessment of the life expectancy of the insulation. It is a simple, fast and versatile hybrid-filtering scheme that is very effective for on-line de-noising of different signals of time-domain dielectric response measurements.

Status of Patent: Patent Pending in India No: 743/KOL/2008 Click here

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