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Virtual Database Administrator

Broadside Software, a US-based software product development company, has developed and is seeking a strategic acquirer for its Synergy Database Monitor (SDM) Software that performs monitoring, change management, and tuning for Oracle-based Databases. SDM addresses the lack of features and functionality of mainstream monitoring applications and can be expanded to support additional Database Platforms. The key software benefits include a superior dashboard, intelligent alerts, adaptive tuning, and extensive reporting capabilities.

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Next Generation Camera Technology

Spatial Cam LLC (a US based company) has developed is currently looking for sale/ license of their Next Generation Camera Technology that facilitates camera operation such as creation of panoramic images, tracking objects, locating hidden objects, focus control for multiple cameras and camera systems utilizing multiple sensors.

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Mobile Charging Stand/ Holder

The present invention relates to portable charging holder for electronic and mobile devices with in-built universal socket and charging system. It is a patented Charging Stand Wall Holder for electronic devices with in-built platform to rest the phone for wired or wireless charging.
The patents and designs are:

  1. Patent No: 377621 (India), titled “Charging Holder of Mobile Electronic Devices”
  2. Patent Application No: 201921002751 (India), titled “Portable charging holder for mobile devices inbuilt universal socket and charging system”
  3. Design Registration No: 284327 (India), and
  4. Design Registration No: 314166 (India)

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A Comprehensive Solution For Automobile Charging/Refueling Station

Are you struggling standing in a long queue for charging/refueling your vehicle? Here’s the state-of-the-art hardware and software comprehensive solution that will help you to find or pre-book the charging/refueling your vehicle so that you can save your time and have a smooth consumer experience.

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