Patent Illustration

A drawing/diagram is a very important factor in patent application for a better understanding of it by a common man. Patent law also mandates the requirement for drawings in a patent application for clear illustrations, which makes it advantageous to convince the examiner and to expedite the whole process.

The art of replicating an invention in a 2 dimensional diagram for a better platform for understanding the invention can be termed as an illustration.

IIPRD provides expertise on patent drawings and illustrations to IP professionals and inventors as we have highly experienced and credible patent illustrators with regard to its illustration services in various fields of patent such as chemistry, electrical as well as mechanical engineering, biotech and medical and chemistry sectors. We extend our services to various jurisdiction and comply with their respective regulations such as IPO, USPTO, EPO and other Patent offices.

We deliver clear, precise and prompt illustrative services with trustworthy staffs. Apart from this, IIPRD also helps in substantial cost as well as time saving by identifying inconsistencies that an applicant might miss, which helps in reducing the future re-work. This helps in minimizing office actions.

Exemplary Illustration Prepared by K&K:


patent_illustration Patent_illustration2