Trademark Support


A trademark is a keyword, logo, or sign connected with a product or item that allows us to distinguish between comparable things. It might be a company logo, a brand name, or a service name (Service Mark). One trademark can be related to many “Goods and Services” classifications.

It is a symbol of a company’s brand and related goodwill. A trademark may give a company a significant competitive edge if it is properly secured and strategically used. Understanding trademark law, having a thorough knowledge of the market, being able to anticipate potential possibilities, and being able to take advantage of business developments are all necessary for effective trademark management and the efficient generation of commercial value.

An availability search for the proposed mark is usually suggested before filing a new trademark. It assists in estimating the probability of clearance for the sport and advising on any adjustments necessary before submitting the trademark.

Our Approach

For corporations with extensive portfolios that require additional trademark management support, IIPRD provides a customized solution that compliments the corporations’ existing agent network. Through our team of experienced trademark professionals, we offer specialized trademark administrative support from pre-filing activity through to post-registration management.

IIPRD’s team of highly skilled trademark lawyers offers customers value-added trademark services to assist them to derive the most commercial value out of their trademarks. Our team provides a wide array of trademark services, including trademark clearance searches, trademark protection, and brand management.

Our attorneys have a keen knowledge of trademark procedures having assisted clients in obtaining hundreds of trademark registrations in the USA, India, Europe, and other countries. Because of our expertise in managing trademark compliance audits and licensing/franchising agreements, we can provide our customers with special services that have added value.

Our Services

Key  services provided by us include:

Trademark Search and Trademark Analysis

IIPRD provides Trade Mark Search and Analytic services for clients seeking to protect their Trade Marks. All our search reports are accompanied by a Trade Mark opinion that analyses the possibility of registering the client’s Trade Mark. Our systematic search methodology and experience in the US, Indian, Canadian, and Community (OHIM) Trade Mark Law enables us to provide value-added search and analysis reports.

If you wish to register the trademark of the company name and logo at the Trademark Office, you must first do a trademark search and conduct a brand analysis. The trademark search and trademark analysis process requires determining if your mark is eligible for such protection or not. There are several reasons why registration may be denied. So, if you value your time and do not intend to waste money, start with trademark research and brand analysis that we at IIPRD hold our excellence in.

When conducting a trademark search and analysis, we begin by determining which goods or services we should investigate and later include in the application. This is significant since you will be unable to add anything to the list once the application has been submitted.

IIPRD offers Trade Mark Filing, Prosecution, and Registration services in India and Internationally. Our services are provided by experienced analysts who are well versed in Trade Mark Law. Our professional approach and experience in handling complex Trade Mark issues allow us to provide a strong value proposition to our clients in the process of Trade Mark Registration.

Trademark prosecution is a sequence of transactions between a trademark lawyer and authorities from a trademark office in order to complete the prescribed task. Trademark prosecution can be done before or after registering a trademark/service mark, and it can be done at the domestic or international level. As a result, this is an unavoidable trademark-related process.

We at IIPRD have a diligent team of trademark professionals who are skilled in filing and prosecuting trademark applications in India and throughout the world. Our trademark personnel is well-versed in the practice and other related concerns relating to it.

Trade Mark Opposition

A ‘trademark opposition’ is disapproval lodged by a third party against the registration of a trademark within four months of publishing of the proposed trademark.  Any natural or legal person including any company, partnership, or trust may submit an objection with the Registry.

IIPRD offers a global Trade Mark watch service across all major Trade Mark Offices including USPTO, OHIM, CIPO, and Australian Patent Office. IIPRD along with K&K also provides complete Trade Mark Opposition services in India. Our substantive experience in procedural aspects of opposition allows us to provide efficient and quality services to Clients. For handling International Opposition matters, IIPRD takes pride in having some of the leading IP Law Firms, across all countries, as its associates, who can, in short, turn-around time, provide the necessary drafts and file oppositions against the concerned marks.

Trade Mark Risk Analysis

When selecting and employing trademarks – names, slogans, or designs – it is critical to understand how they might be infringed. Companies and non-profits both take precautions to safeguard their trademarks. Trademarks should be scrutinized in the market to determine infringement after registration.

IIPRD assists clients to mitigate Trade Mark risks by providing risk analysis reports. Our reports enable clients to make decisions concerning Trade Mark use, Opposition possibility, chances of successful infringement, and so on.

Our guidance on probable infringements of your IP rights also helps you to assert your rights before your company suffers irreparable harm, reducing the possibility of having to resort to costly court action.

Our experienced trademark attorneys conduct trademark searches, which uncover pre-existing registrations that may be in contradiction with your requested new trademark. These searches find trademarks that are similar to your proposed trademark, and also trademarks that vary in substantial features yet are relatively identical and thus, possess a risk of trademark violation.

Analysis Reports

A trademark report is a comprehensive report that includes search results. It is important for individuals or corporations that wish to register their trademark but need to know the availability, comparable marks, and other facts before submitting an application.

IIPRD provides analysis reports to clients on various aspects of Trade Mark law. Our reports enable clients to make decisions on various aspects of their Trade Mark portfolio.

Brand Building Strategy

The brand is much more than a Trade Mark or a logo. It’s like differentiating a final product from the raw material. If you are in a business and you are not branding, you are three steps behind everyone else. It is no longer enough to be the best, you need to stand out and if you don’t, you don’t get noticed. Brand building has a much higher rate of return than most investments made by an entrepreneur. At the same time, a Brand can die if unwisely expended on inappropriate goods/services.

Trademarks are classified as secret goods. They guide the customers in deciding from a vast range of goods and services available in the market that meet their overall demands, while also introducing certain new economic functions, such as the creation of identity and status for its customers (brand building).

Our Brand Building Services

We at IIPRD help in brand-building service as follows-

  • In understanding the real issues of Corporate Branding and Product Branding, which are different subject matters
  • In creating a powerful brand, which involves a unique blending of resources; we  assist and suggest the perfect route to blend these resources to formulate a perfect strategy