Freedom to Operate (FTO) Search


FTO SearchFreedom-to-Operate (FTO) search (also known as Clearance Search, Right To Use search) will help determine whether marketing a product or applying a process infringes a valid patent at a given point of time with respect to a given market or geography. This study involves searching for Active/Live Patents that overlap with the key features of the Product/process. It is a risk management tool to assess the infringement litigation associated with the new product or process in a given jurisdiction within a given period of time.

Freedom to Operate Search is usually conducted before the launch of a new product. Conducting a freedom-to-operate search can minimize the risk of patent litigation and maximize competitive strength, meet investor expectations prior to funding, or identify potential acquisition targets which can strengthen the product portfolio.

Our Approach

IIPRD offers a proven competence in conducting such FTO Searches and delivering relevant results with an exclusive section for Key Feature Mapping. IIPRD has been regularly supporting large High-technology and Pharmaceutical Clients for FTO searches in geographies such as EP, UK, US, CA, India, among other geographies for which our team utilizes the best-Paid Patent and Non-Patent databases for conducting the searches. Our experience and expertise in the interpretation of patent documents during infringement suits enables us to analyze patents with the right perspective to provide insightful opinions on the freedom to operate for your innovations.