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An Overview Of The Rule Regarding Dematerialization

Dematerialisation Maintaining a record of all paper-based documents is consistently challenging. Furthermore, the growing volume of paperwork each day can lead to the misplacement of essential documents, potentially triggering disruptions in the stock market and its associated businesses. Additionally, when…



A trademark’s degree of registrability or its ability to sustain a suit or enforce a suit hinges upon the nature of the mark. Marks can range from being generic, descriptive, and suggestive to arbitrary and fanciful thereby shaping the strength…

AI and Artifical Inteligence

Ai And Intellectual Property Rights: Issues And Impacts

Introduction Artificial intelligence (AI) systems are gaining the ability to generate creative works and useful inventions autonomously. This raises critical questions around assigning intellectual property rights (IPR) like patents and copyrights for AI outputs. IPR regimes worldwide, including India's, never…

Global patent Licensing

Global Patent Licensing

Introduction Global licensing of patents has become a major aggregator in pushing growth of technology and industries in the world at large. The intellectual property sector is booming and one major reason is people having realised the importance of owning…

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