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Academic Research

Academic Research and Copyright Issue

INTRODUCTION Academic research is connected to literary works, and because there are many similar research works, the likelihood of it being copied unlawfully rises. Therefore, the Copyright Act 1957 provides protection under Intellectual Property Law against unauthorized copies of works.…

Computer Software Protection

Copyright Protection of Software under Literary Works

Introduction A concept itself is not protected by copyright laws; rather, the form or representation of an idea is. The computer language used to describe the underlying idea is what is protected by copyright in a computer programme, not the…

copyright infringement2

Online Infringement of Copyrights

One of man's most significant innovations of the Millenium is the internet. It is a term used to describe a vast network of linked computer systems and computer networks. The best aspect of the internet is that it's available practically…

Digital Word and Copyright

Digital World And Copyright Infringement

Intellectual property rights are protections provided to entities for what they have created as a result of their intellect or on something which a creation of their brains. Intellectual property rights can be of various types like copyrights, patents, trademarks,…

Copyright of Voice

Protection Of Voice Actor’s Work By Copyright

Introduction India is only the fourteenth largest entertainment and media market in the world, with industry revenues contributing roughly one percent to its gross domestic product. Voice-over artists have a vital part in box office success because they significantly influence…

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