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It Act

Section 66A of IT Act,2000

So, let’s firstly we discuss about that what is IT Act 2000, which develops in 9th June, 2000. The information Technology Act 2000 is created by Parliament in 2000, It is the first law in India which relates the problem…

online gaming for iiprd

Online Gaming: Legal Enforcement of the Virtual World

INTRODUCTION Online games have been on a rise since the advancements made in technology over the past few years. Users can enter completely virtual worlds by clicking a few keys on their mobile phones or personal computers. The technology of…

Nuclear Doctrine

India Nuclear Doctrine

ABSTRACT Nuclear capacity is the principal focus of international affairs in the twenty-first century. To maximise the impact of a nuclear arsenal, a state must have intelligible and respectable doctrines or policies in place to create legitimacy and a defined…

Cyber Sqating

Cyber Squatting- A dangerous threat.

Introduction Cyber Squatting is a threat to companies or brand name. There are cases where companies face huge loss because of cybersquatting. Domain Name plays a key role for cyber squatters to gain undue advantage of the company’s brand image. …

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