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Drs Logistics V. Google

Drs Logistics V. Google

INTRODUCTION Businesses seek to lure customers to the brand by using Google Ads word program, Link tags, Deep-linking, and Meta Tagging. Search engine marketing has a significant advantage in that it displays useful advertisements next to targeted consumers at the…


Understanding Ip Waiver: A Failure Or Success?

Introduction The outbreak of Covid-19 has led to the transition of the world’s legal institutions at a frightening speed. Normal human contact has been replaced with intra-family communication and technological assets like zoom, Skype etc. COVID-19 is a public health…

Media Trial- An Injustice to Fair Trial

Introduction When a case is in the progress of its judicial proceedings and no judgment has been provided by any judicial authority and an individual views a story or reads an article related to that issue after which he makes…

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