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AI Generated content

Conundrum of Copyright over the Content Created By AI

INTRODUCTION AI nowadays has been making the headlines for various reasons as Sophia, a human-crafted AI has recently got citizenship of Saudi Arabia becoming the first AI to receive legal personhood of any country which aptly shows the grip of…

Intellectual Property Bio metrics

Biometric Intellectual Property in the Automated Cognitive Era

"Biometric, a cornerstone of innovation driving unprecedented advancements in the age of automation and their fusion is the key to unlocking a secure and seamless future". In today's digital dynamic world of gadgets and round-the-clock internet access, the culture of…

AI Generated Work


INTRODUCTION In the ever-expanding realm of artificial intelligence (“AI”), one of its most fascinating frontiers is the creation of music. Through intricate algorithms and machine learning capabilities, AI systems are now generating original compositions, sparking a profound debate over the…

AI and Artifical Inteligence

Ai And Intellectual Property Rights: Issues And Impacts

Introduction Artificial intelligence (AI) systems are gaining the ability to generate creative works and useful inventions autonomously. This raises critical questions around assigning intellectual property rights (IPR) like patents and copyrights for AI outputs. IPR regimes worldwide, including India's, never…

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