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3D Bio-Printing of Tissues/Organs

“Patent data shows that 55% of the total patent publications in 3d printing of tissue/organ domain are pending patent applications. Higher percentages of applications point to a growing market” Bioprinting refers to an additive manufacturing technique that is used for the creation of organ/tissue-like structures that mimic the natural organs/tissues. 3D printers deposit layers of … Continue reading 3D Bio-Printing of Tissues/Organs

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Intellectual Property And 3D Printing

INTRODUCTION TO 3D PRINTING The process of additive manufacturing/3D printing refers to the building of material, typically layer by layer. The uses of this technology vary from utilitarian purposes to aesthetic and hybrid purposes. In light of the future uses of 3D printing where it may be used for innovation, manufacturing, household purposes, there are … Continue reading Intellectual Property And 3D Printing

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