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Delamination Of Laminated Packaging Refuse

The invention relates to a process for recovery of useful constituents from multilayer laminated fragments arising as waste from industrial packaging manufacture. It relates more particularly to recovery of polyethylene plastic and aluminium foil from multilayered, laminated fragments containing these materials. According to the process disclosed, the delamination of the laminated constituents of the packaging waste fragments is carried out by keeping the fragments immersed in nitric acid of 50 – 70 % concentration at ambient temperature for 3 to 6 hour duration. The aluminium foils get fully separated from the plastics and the constituents remain in a submerged/floating condition. The delaminated constituents are removed from the nitric acid bath and allowed to pass through a series of baths for washing and separation of the materials. The fragments of separated aluminium foils and separated plastic are centrifuged to dryness and then allowed a sun bath for total drying. The separated fragments of aluminium foils can be used for producing aluminium ingots or sold as such. Similarly the separated fragments of plastic can be used for producing recycled plastic granules or sold as such. Click here for complete project presentation.

Patent Granted in India (IN 209755), Europe, Canada, and Israel.

PCT Application Number: PCT/IN2001/000218

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