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Doser Cap For Liquid Container

Doser CapIn brief, the subject technology is a Doser Cap designed to dispense mini tablets, pellets, or granules that can create sparkling beverages. It offers several unique features such as tamper-evident and anti-counterfeit measures, unit dose container capability, easy operation, and compatibility with reusable water bottles. The Doser Cap aims to add fizz to fast-growing flavored low-alcohol content beverages.

Unique Features

A doser cap with a self-contained moisture proof design having two movable components for housing dry powders, minitablets or granules or mixtures.

A unique cam slot and cam guide mechanism for dispensing contents into bottles for reconstitution of the contents in the form of a solution.

Novelty of the design acknowledged by International search report of WIPO.

Dispenses Mini tablets or Pellets or Granules that can result in sparkling beverages

▪Tamper evident with anti counterfeit features

▪Unit dose container

▪Easy to operate

▪Can work with re-usable water bottles

▪Adding fizz to Fast Growing flavored low alcohol content beverages

Story of Doser Caps

  • STEERLife has invented the worlds best effervescent technology – EXIMIOUS.
  • The effervescent granules from EXIMIOUS have applications in pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and also in the beverages industry.
  • Effervescent granules aid creation of fizz ‘on the go’, which provides significant advantages in handling beverages.
  • STEERLife and ActiveBiz have together invented a novel doser cap, which aids in carrying and releasing effervescent granules to a bottle of liquid.

For more details about technology: Click Here

Patent Application Number: PCT/IB2018/051692

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