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Post Quantum Cryptography Technology Acquisition Licensing Opportunity : Qwyit LLC

The Opportunity

QwyitBlackhawk Technologies, LLC is representing Qwyit LLC (the“Company”) to commercialize the QwyitTM post-quantum cryptography technology. QwyitTM distinguishes itself by seamlessly integrating quantum-resistant security measures into elegant designs, thereby providing an unparalleled defense against emerging cyber threats without compromising performance. The Company is offering a revolutionary solution that surpasses conventional approaches to protection of data– for today and tomorrow. The Company is seeking a strategic acquirer/licensee with both resources and channels to fully commercialize the IP portfolio.

Qwyit TM Benefits

• Complete cryptosystem, with authentication and encryption
• Solves crypto vulnerabilities (all attack profiles)
• Stops cybercrime “edge” attacks (e.g., identity theft, network break-ins, stolen crypto currency, etc.)
• Performs in a single machine cycle
• Has less than 300 lines of VHDL, fitting on any device profile
• Applicable to any federated business and trust model

Seeing Is Believing

The claims regarding QwyitTM are real and demonstrable. We encourage you to reach out to us and schedule a short demonstration of QwyitTM technology on your own devices/hardware, using the Company’s FPGA (or yours), or running various software Apps on The Company’s devices. QwyitTM technology is ideal for embedding in semiconductors for critical business, communication, financial transactions and security

Future-proof your products and stay ahead of the curve, remain relevant in the years to come and solve today’s problems now.

For more details about technology: Click Here

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