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“Resoil” presented by Envit Ltd.

ReSoil® is internationally patented, groundbreaking remediation solution that enables closed-loop removal of heavy metals from contaminated soils through a zero-emission process with no wastewater, while preserving soil as a natural substrate.


• Soil contamination with heavy metals is a global problem.
• Heavy metals include toxic metals such as lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd), copper (Cu) and zinc (Zn) as well as toxic metalloids such as arsenic (As) and antimony (Sb).
• Soils absorb decades of pollution from industry, intensive agriculture, traffic, waste, etc. Heavy metals are not degradable and remain in the soil.
• According to a recent conservative estimate, there are 2.8 million potentially contaminated sites in the EU (EEA, 2023).
• In China, 1/6 of the total cultivated area is contaminated with heavy metals (Yao et al., Proc Env Sci 2012, 16, 722-729).
• In New York, 71% of garden soils exceed the limits for lead and arsenic (Chenget al., Soil Sci 2015, 180, 167-174).
• Arsenic and lead are the 1st and 2nd most dangerous environmental pollutants
(ATSDR 2017).Lead distribution in surface soil of the conterminous United States (USGS 2014).
• Arsenic is highly toxic, long-term exposure can cause cancer.
• Lead is a neurotoxin; in the USA, the average lead-related loss of cognitive ability was 2.6 IQ points per person as of
2015 (McFarland et al. PNAS 2022, 119, e2118631119

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Patent Application Number: WO2022184903

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