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System For Secured Storage And Usage Of Digital Assets

This system in general relates to a communication system for secured communication, storage and display of digital assets / contents and in particular to a compact system, which may be portable, having a detachably attached means such as monitor/screen/display, whereby said system serves as a medium for communication, storage and display of digital assets / contents in a secured way, preventing piracy and duplication. This system uses satellite communication in a unique manner, applying laser rays and other advances in satellite technology, and also is adapted to have internet linkage. This device provides a unique technology for receipt and usage of digital assets / contents. In the device is further used Screen or monitor or page that can be removed from the hardware device and rolled in and kept aside. Screen can be made from Micro-Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS), which however is accessible only by the storage means of a specifically mapped device.

Assistance given by IIPRD
Conducted Commercial Evaluation

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