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Thrust And Torque Generator Without Reaction Mass

The Patent pertains to a device for generating Thrust and Torque in space at industrial and/or military and/or space temperature range from electric power without involving reaction mass. The device for generating torque and thrust from electric power comprises of a main shaft and a cone assembly, where the cone assembly is supported on the main shaft and comprises of a spin drive motor and a precession drive motor. The device further comprises of a plurality of magnetized gyro spinning wheels, wherein the gyro spinning wheels are rotated in spin motion by the spin drive motor and the cone assembly is rotated in precession motion by the precession drive motor. The device further comprises of a gyro cover operatively connected to support the plurality of magnetized gyro spinning wheels and comprising a slot, wherein the spin motion and the precession motion causes leaking of ether through the slot. The ether can also be leaked through a guide duct operatively connected to the slot to generate the desired torque and thrust.

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