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Voriconazole Transdermal Spray

The patent pertains to the field of Topical pharmaceutical formulation containing Voriconazole. The antifungal microemulgel aims at reducing side effects of the drug combining it with the advantages of emulgel. Voriconazole a triazole antifungal medication is generally used to treat serious, invasive fungal infections like candidiasis aspergillosis etc. The drug is loaded on to microemulgel, which has been prepared by screening of oils, emulsifier, and co-emulsifier on basis of solubility of desirable API in it. Voriconazole has high solubility in Neem oil which also assists in its therapeutic action. Presence of oil portion facilitates better penetration of API in the skin. Oil Micelle Size being less than 500 nm provides more area for absorption of API in the skin enhancing its efficacy. Microemulgel has an advantage of emulgel and micro-emulsion; combining several desirable properties like good consistency, thyrotrophic, greaseless, easily spreadable as well as removable, emollient, non-staining, water soluble, longer shelf-life, bio-friendly, transparent with a pleasant appearance.

Patent Application Number: 3386/MUM/2014

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