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Prasad Karhad

Prasad is a Senior Patent Associate at Khurana & Khurana. He is a Registered Patent Agent India (IN/PA 2352) with Bachelor’s degree in electronics and telecommunication engineering. He has over 14 years of experience in patent matters relating to technologies in the field of electronics, semiconductor, telecommunication, mechanical, software, ecommerce, Instrumentation, automobile and electrical. He has expertise in Patent drafting, Novelty searches, Patent invalidity searches, Freedom-to operate search (FTO), Patent claim chart preparation / claim analysis, Patent infringement analysis, Office Action Responses and patent portfolio management. He has worked with Legasis services Pvt. Ltd, Brain League IP Services Pvt. Ltd. and IMC Global Technology Services Pvt. Ltd. Prasad is working with Khurana & Khurana since 3 years as a Senior Patent Associate and handling responsibilities of business development, client communication along with patent research and drafting.

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