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Rajesh Jain

Rajesh is a Partner at Khurana & Khurana and IIPRD. He is a graduate in mechanical engineering from IIT Kanpur with 45 years of experience of working in Indian Ordnance Factories, wherein, his job responsibilities involved handling technology related matters like Technology Transfer, Technology Assimilation, Documentation, Product Design and Development, their Trials and Production including selection of Production Technologies, setting up facilities culminating in production. He has worked on varied Products and Production Technologies in the field of Automobiles, Bullet Proof Vehicles, Small Arms, Battle Tanks and Infantry Combat Vehicles-including their Engines, Transmission, Armour and Armament, Vision Devices-Passive as well as Thermal, Laser Range Finders, etc. Currently, at K&K, Rajesh focuses on handling Patentability, Patent invalidation, FTO studies and analyses, technology/patent landscape analysis, Drafting Patent Applications, Due Diligence Studies and preparing Responses to Office Actions for a number of clients in Engineering, Automotive, Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Materials, and allied industries.

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