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Inside Secure states, France Brevets licenses NFC Patents to HTC

Access to robust data and effective analytics are the must for today’s business world. But sometimes it can be difficult to acquire good data. That’s where near-field communication (hereinafter referred as “NFC”) technology comes in. NFC is a short-range high-frequency wireless communication technology which enables the exchange of data between devices when they’re touched together or brought within a few centimetres of each other by using magnetic field induction.

Reportedly, on November 14, 2016, Inside Secure (INSD.PA) has announced that France Brevets have granted to HTC (mobile phone Company) a worldwide patent license under their NFC Patent Licensing Program for use in HTC’s products. [1]

INSIDE Secure, is a leader in security solutions for mobile and connected devices, provides software, silicon IP, tools and know-how required to protect customers’ transactions, content, applications, and communications. With deep security expertise and experience, the company delivers products with advanced and distinguished technical capabilities to serve the gruelling markets of network security, IoT security, content & application protection, mobile payment & banking.

France Brevets leads the efforts under the NFC Licensing Program in Asia, Europe, South America and Africa. NFC Technology LLC, France Brevets’ affiliate, leads the NFC Licensing Program in the US. The Program provides NFC-enabled device manufacturers the right to use the patents of INSIDE Secure, the NFC patents of Orange and also other patents acquired by France Brevets and NFC Technology, LLC. The licensing program caters multiple categories of NFC device manufacturers, for example, those manufacturing smartphones, feature phones, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, TVs, and smart meters offering a wide range of services such as mobile payment, transit, access control, customer retention programs and also ticketing.

France Brevets, created in March 2011, jointly owned by the French government and the Caisse des Dépôts ET Consignations, is the number one patent monetisation and investment fund in Europe. France Brevets aims to create a coherent patent cluster by acquiring public and private patents, then executing licensing strategies that best serve the interests of the patent holders and partners of France Brevets. More simplified it is tasked with helping private and public research to best monetise its patent portfolios from an international perspective. The key focus areas of France Brevets is Information Technology and Communication at large, Aeronautics and Space, Alternative Energy, Chemistry, Materials, Life Sciences and the environment.

Enormous usage of artificial intelligence has made the internet of things (IoT) more ubiquitous giving ways for NFC to become a staple of networks everywhere. Though NFC has only been deployed recently but is grow rapidly in importance and with NFC Patent Licensing Program soon will become a part of everyone’s daily life might be through social interactions, commerce, and identification etc.



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