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Self Healing Display

With the advent of the era of communication technology, mobile devices, portable device and other communications products has been very widely deep into people’s lives. As communication technology continues to improve, mobile phones and other intelligent terminal becoming increasingly predominant in society. With the rapid development of mobile communications smartphone can be used for longer … Continue reading Self Healing Display

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Hi-tech Patent Licensing Trends

Ever since Software Patents have got easier to get a grant for, protection of computer readable medium claims on a storable media have enforced the Intellectual Property Rights to a much higher level that a software company can have when compared with the counterpart System and Method claims. Although most countries, unlike US, are still … Continue reading Hi-tech Patent Licensing Trends

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Research in Motion (RIM) vs Motorola

Research in motion vs Motorola This time Research In Motion (RIM) was “put in trouble” by Motorola for infringing the latter’s patent “Beletic”. Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Enterprise solution “BES” and BlackBerry Internet Solution “BIS” are alleged to infringe the Motorola’s patent. This time Research In Motion was well prepared and ready to revocate the … Continue reading Research in Motion (RIM) vs Motorola

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