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Securing a Patent in India

Patents among other intellectual property rights is one which takes relatively longer time to secure. The very first question which comes up to an applicant’s mind before applying for a patent is if they need to go about it on their own or seek a professional firm for the same. The process of securing a … Continue reading Securing a Patent in India

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Impact of Employment Agreements on Patents in Indonesia

Just like the owner of a real estate property controls the rights to how the property is to be used and maintained, intellectual property grants the owner of it certain protection and rights. Intellectual property can be anything that refers to the creations of the mind. Patent is a type of intellectual property which provides … Continue reading Impact of Employment Agreements on Patents in Indonesia

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Protection of Design Rights

Design protection provides protection to a functional items’ look and feel or in other words to the non – functional attributes of the item. An object with a substantially similar design to an existing items’ design cannot be made, copied or used without the permission of the person who holds the right to the existing … Continue reading Protection of Design Rights

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