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Blood-Based Epigenetic Bio Marker Of Human Cancer

The present invention relates to a novel and ideal bio-marker of human cancer, which meets all three characteristics formulated by the international Predictive Safety Testing Consortium (PSTC) comprising industries, nonprofit organizations and regulators (including FDA and EMEA/EMA). A non-radioactive, highly sensitive, reproducible assay to quantitatively estimate the bio-marker using a minimally invasive quick process that does not require hospitalization has been developed and standardised. The design of a complete and easy-to-use prototype for this test has already been developed in a diagnostic kit that can reliably and reproducibly detect multiple types of cancer within a short time of less than 60 min, using a minimally invasive OPD procedure requiring no hospitalization, and provides quantitative measurements of treatment efficacy and cancer retardation. The novel diagnostic kit is highly reliable and portable to remote locations without compromising efficacy.

Patent Application Number: 1791/KOL/2008

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