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Safety Isolation Bag For Power Morcellation

The present innovation relates to the “Safety Isolation Bag”, a pneumoperitoneum device for intra-abdominal, endoscopic procedures, power morcellation, and vaginal morcellation for facilitating safe removal of body mass from within the abdominal cavity. It comprises of an expandable and collapsible enclosed internal space having a neck portion with the mouth having re-tractor means and provided with markings, color-coded indicating how much the bag is to be pulled out for the removal of large, medium, and small tissue mass, and also having one or more non-return valves attached with long looped threads on one of the surfaces in the wall of the safety isolation bag below the neck as a means for introducing the surgical instruments and accessories into the enclosed internal space at the right place and to close the puncture hole after the procedure. It is made of one or more layers of flexible biocompatible/medical-grade plastic film.

PCT Patent Application No. : PCT/IN2015/000420

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