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Invention Of An Improved Toothbrush With 10 Features

The toothbrushes of the known prior art have drawbacks of not having 3 necessary built-in attachments of Cavity & Space Cleaner, Tongue Cleaner & Toothpick. These toothbrushes have flat bristle’s base surface facilitating easy dirt deposition, less adaptable bristles shape & less wider area of bristles, have no proper gum massaging unit, has less flexible neck & uncomfortable grip, & have no fluorescent strip. In the invented toothbrush, those 3 necessary attachments have been built-in to incredibly enhance user’s ease & product value at immensely cost-effective price. The invented designs of outward sloping base surface, index-finger shaped bristles’ top surface with shorter bristles, index finger shaped massager unit, wider bristles area, more flexible & less pressure exerting neck, more comfortable grip & a fluorescent colored strip overcomes most of the drawbacks, at cost-effective price, enhancing the efficacy of the product. These features & designs are easily implementable, highly innovative & useful, have immense demand in the expanding market of compact & improved products, thus also have great industrial application value.

Patent Application No: 1746/DEL/2008

For more information:
My Innovated Toothbrush with 10 Features [ Brief 6 min. movie ]
My Innovated Toothbrush with 10 Features [ Detailed 14 Min. movie ]

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