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Invention To Improve Nuts & Bolts/Screws, Which Are Also Used To Connect Battery Terminals With Wires

The known art of nuts & bolts / screws (which are the essential components of most of the mechanical fastenings) have serious drawbacks in tightening / loosening the same. The 4 variations of invented winged nuts (Ref. Drawing No.4) have optional perpendicular / parallel positioning & proportionate extension of wings, added feature of square / hexagonal headed base of the nut to facilitate its manoeuvre-ability by spanner also, have thumb-shaped more comfortable grip & an overall ‘easier & more torque producing’ economical design. The dual engraving design of the invented bolts & screws (Ref. Drawing No.5) facilitates additional manoeuvre-ability of the same by both type of screwdrivers & saves metal, thus reduces cost. Bolts / screws with L, T & Straight -shaped handles with thumb-shaped grip facilitates far better manoeuvre-ability. Thus, these invented nuts & bolts / screws are more easily manoeuvreable, with or without tools, have more economical values (will save trillions of rupees in just few years of mass production) & mechanically more effective designs, provides effective solutions to user’s problems, are easily implementable & test-able, thus, have tremendous utility & business values, & thus, a huge scope for industrial application as well.

Patent Application No: 147/DEL/2011

For more information:
My Innovated Nuts-Bolts [ Brief 3 min. movie ]
My Innovated Nut Bolts [ Detailed 10 Min. movie ]

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