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Covid-19: Patent, Economy, Prophylaxis and Treatment

Everyone around the globe is suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic and several industries are trying to overcome the economic turmoil.There is a steep decline in product sales & product manufacturing segments, Covid-19 and worldwide lockdowns has severely affected R&D activities as well.However, few industries like the mask, infrared based thermometer, PPE Kits, online meeting tools, media streaming, non-contact-based systems, pharmaceuticals, and few others have witnessed growth in licensing activity, sale of patented product &technology. Furthermore,such industries have even seen a significant growth in patent filing and patent prosecution related activities. Such observation has been recorded by Patent Prosecution experts working in these industry sectors. Currently, the disputes concerning patents are at an all-time low,however, Post the covid period surge in infringement and patent litigation activities is expected in the above mentioned industrial segments in the coming few months.

On the other hand, to curb the effect of Covid-19, academicians, universities, healthcare providers and companies across the globe are fueling their energies in search of a vaccine and drug candidate for prophylaxis and the treatment of COVID-19 disease. Several hundreds of clinical trials are underway to establish evidence around investigational drugs and to identify a suitable vaccine candidate. Currently, no pharmacologic therapies are available to treat COVID-19. A large number of clinical trials are ongoing to assess the suitability of several vaccine candidates such as synthetic chemical molecules, biological drugs, monoclonal antibodies, stem cells and plasma therapy etc. against the novel coronavirus treatment. In several cases, the old drugs are being repurposed to treat COVID19 patients. However, with no approved vaccine or treatment available for COVID-19, Moderna vaccine candidate and Gilead Sciences antiviral drug Remdesivir have shown a ray of hope. In this modern era of next generation technologies, we are able to develop multiple vaccine candidates in matter of few months, but the clinical efficacy, human safety testing and if approved, the mass production of vaccine are some of the hurdles which we need to tackle in order to develop a successful vaccine for the prophylaxic of COVID-19 pandemic.Our Pharmaceutical Research team at K&K has kept an eye on the developments related to Covid-19 vaccine and is continuously performing a detailed analysis of the ongoing clinical trials with respect to new drugs, treatment regimen and vaccine candidates pertaining to the Covid-19 pandemic. If you are interested in understanding the focus areas of the lead sponsors, herein below is the link to a recent report published by our Pharmaceutical Patent Research team, that gives an in-depth analysis of clinical trials, with relevant study-based material and treatment references. For ease of understanding, the report contains graphical representation of trends (study type, clinical trial stage, etc.) from the mined data of relevant clinical trials.

Click here to get a copy of the report and/or drop an email at [email protected] to receive updates on recent developments on Covid-19 vaccine directly from our Pharmaceutical Research team at K&K.

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