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DelSiTech and Visus Therapeutics enter into Patent Licensing Arrangement

Recently, DelSiTech Ltd. (“DelSiTech”), a Finland-based drug delivery company entered into a patent licensing agreement over DelSiTech’s patents with Visus Therapeutics (“Visius”), a US-based company. This is a worldwide exclusive licensing agreement. Both companies are working on six development programs for eye care solutions targeting the management of ocular diseases of the back and front of the eye.

patent license agreementDelSiTech Ltd, a leader in advanced, biodegradable, silica-based, controlled-release materials, to develop novel drug delivery technology that can help optimize the clinical benefit of therapies. DelSiTech has developed this patented drug delivery technology platform (Silica Matrix) that enables the extended-release of drugs in a wide range of issues, including the intravitreal space inside the eye. Furthermore, the matrix dissolves as the drug is released without leaving any residue in the eye. This technology, therefore, provides a distinct advantage over existing ophthalmic drug delivery technologies and has the potential to help improve patient outcomes and reduce dosing frequency, providing confidence to the healthcare provider that the patient is consistently receiving the prescribed treatment.

Visus Therapeutics is a clinical-stage company focused on developing innovative ophthalmic therapies to improve vision for people around the world. It’s a lead clinical candidate is an investigational drug designed to be a once-daily eye drop to correct for the loss of near vision associated with presbyopia. Visus is also developing a pipeline of early-stage ophthalmic product candidates with applications in ocular surface disease, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration.

Management of ocular disorders affecting the posterior segment poses a challenge in drug development. Ailments can be highly debilitating and significantly lessen patients’ quality of life or even lead to blindness if left untreated, while treatments remain highly invasive. Current treatment options can be extremely inefficient with regimens requiring excessive daily dosing. This is where this technology collaboration would be helpful in devising a realistic solution.

The licensing agreement with DelSiTech will allow Visus Therapeutics to develop investigational treatments for intraocular administration using a biodegradable, silica-based, sustained-release technology that overcomes many of the limitations of currently available ophthalmic therapies.

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