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IP Awareness Session at CDOT

Intellectual Property (IP) awareness facilitates an individual to protect his Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). It also helps to evaluate the quality of Invention on grounds of Obviousness and Novelty. Khurana and Khurana (K&K), along with IIPRD, has always believed in spreading IP awareness through its initiatives to make people IP literate. Recently, Mrs. Madhulika Kapoor, from Khurana and Khurana, has delivered an interactive session at the Centre for Development of Telematics (CDOT) where she provided an overview of Patent Searches. Significance of opting for a Patentability Search before filing a Patent Application, importance of different databases used for carrying these Patent Searches, and in-depth discussion on Validity/Invalidity Patent Search, Landscape Search, Freedom-To-Operate Search were some other exemplary topics covered during the session. Below is a snapshot captured during the session:


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