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Record Ten Patent Applications Filed In A Day By Our Client

Our client, Dr. Shirish Yograj Khedikar, scientist at Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), Pune, recently filed a record ten (10) patent applications in a single day with the Indian Patent Office.The inventions relate to various fields of application solving day-to-day problems.

Dr. Khedikar is extremely fond of innovating and being associated with IMD presented him a unique set of opportunities to come out with various technical solutions, as well as seek adequate protection on his innovations. As per Dr. Khedikar, nine out of these ten inventions are related to the sky, air, fire, water and earth elements. Most of these machines have been successfully tested as well.

The inventions on which patent application has been filed broadly cover the following areas:

  • Device for recording wind attributes
  • Scanner for converting sunlight into digital data
  • Solar tracking panel with in-built LED
  • Micro climate-controlled mosquito net
  • Air cooler with combined motor for double blade and water pump
  • Device for automatic water level detection
  • Multifunctional dual-screen portable electronic device
  • Fire extinguishing bow and arrow
  • Appliance for mosquito eradication
  • Automatic expandable and sinkable road divider

While some of the inventions could be useful at an individual level, few others would be useful at governance level by government agencies. For instance, the fire extinguisher could be used by fire services for extinguishing fire from a long and safe distance, while the expandable road divider is easily integrated into the road and could be used for traffic and transport management.

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