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Case summary of “Cabell v. Zorro Productions, Inc.”

BRIEF INSIGHT INTO THE DISPUTE: Introduction: This case is a result of copyright infringement of a musical based on the story of Zorro.The character of Zorro originally was developed by Johnst McCulley which was further adapted in stories. All of the stories are part of public domain. Cabell (hereinafter “the plaintiff”) made a musical based … Continue reading Case summary of “Cabell v. Zorro Productions, Inc.”

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A Tiny Antenna Threatens Broadcasters

Chet Kanojia’s Aereo have shaken up the Television Industry. A 43 Year old immigrant from India, who as an outsider saw a system that most took for granted and who knew he could build a better mousetrap, or at least a different one. Aereo, Mr. Kanojia’s two-year-old company, has figured out how to grab over-the-air … Continue reading A Tiny Antenna Threatens Broadcasters

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Setback for Force India

It seems like all is not well in the kingdom of the King of Good Times. Vijay Mallya, who is already facing a host of financial difficulties, with his airlines accumulating losses and statutory authorities putting pressure on the management to pay up the liabilities,has received yet another jolt. His F-1 team Force India lost … Continue reading Setback for Force India

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