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IP Protection1

IP Protection For Fintech Companies

Introduction With advent in technology, Fintech industry has been thriving in the recent past. Fintech is the technology, involved in the financial sector. According to a report titled “$1Tn India Fintech Opportunity”, by Chiratae Ventures and Ernest and Young, Indian…


Understanding Ip Waiver: A Failure Or Success?

Introduction The outbreak of Covid-19 has led to the transition of the world’s legal institutions at a frightening speed. Normal human contact has been replaced with intra-family communication and technological assets like zoom, Skype etc. COVID-19 is a public health…

ip metavesrse

IP infringement in Metaverse

Introduction The word Meta means beyond or after in Greek and Verse means universe. The metaverse has also come forward as 3.0 of the internet. This concept might sound new, but it is not, it was coined in a science…

Copyright Infringment

Infringement of Copyright and Remedies

Introduction Intellectual property deals with any basic construction of human intelligence such as artistic, literary, technical, or scientific construction used in commerce. For a specific amount of time, intellectual property rights often grant the inventor the sole right to utilise…

Economic Coffe

By Whatever Beans Necessary

Introduction Standardised by millennials and popularised by Gen Z, the coffee consumption culture has undoubtedly become a vital part of our everyday lives. You might think your daily Cup of Joe only includes the ingredients you prefer but in reality,…

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