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Nutraceutical Industry & Associated IP Rights

Introduction In the current world scenario, people started to give attention to health and related parameters. Subsequently, the healthcare sector has gained precedence and command over the market. The global nutraceutical market (including functional food, functional beverages, and dietary supplements)…

IP Protection1

IP Protection For Fintech Companies

Introduction With advent in technology, Fintech industry has been thriving in the recent past. Fintech is the technology, involved in the financial sector. According to a report titled “$1Tn India Fintech Opportunity”, by Chiratae Ventures and Ernest and Young, Indian…


The Role Of Ipr In Protection Of Bio Diversity

INTRODUCTION IPR means legal protection to protect data from new inventions. In exchange for being required to reveal the formula or strategy behind the process, these rights allow the owner to prevent imitators from commercializing the inventions or processes for…

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