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Preferential Liquid Line Mechanical Switch Over Device

With no concept of fixed water supply through the day, in India it becomes incumbent upon every house owner to not only use the direct supply of clean fresh water but store it in overhead tanks as well. However, the supply of water from two different sources requires an elaborate and complicated network of pipelines along with other associated accessories requiring high capital expenditure. Improper space utilization and loss of aesthetics are also a growing concern among urban population. The device functions in such a way that when fresh or preferred water supply is available, the supply from alternate source is stopped and fresh water is allowed to flow towards the outlet. On the other hand, when supply of fresh water is not available, device shifts supply from fresh water line to an alternate source such as an overhead tank. A transparent indicator with ball arrangement is provided to indicate changeover of water supply from fresh water to overhead water. The device operates based on pressure difference between different supplies.

Indian Patent Application Number: 2678/DEL/2014

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