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Technology Acquisition Proposal: Patented Mobile Charging Stand/ Holder

IIPRD and Khurana & Khurana (K&K), apart from handling core Intellectual Property (including Patent), and allied Legal matters (profile enclosed), additionally focus heavily on technology licensing and commercialization mandates, and accordingly are currently working with Tushar Ghogare on potential acquisition/ collaboration (sale/ marketing/ production) of their patent and design protected ‘Mobile Charging Stand’ Technology.

This technology (both patents and designs) pertains to a portable charging holder for electronic and mobile devices with an in-built universal socket and charging system. It is a patented Charging Stand Wall Holder for electronic devices with an in-built platform to rest the phone for wired or wireless charging. The patents and design in question are:

  1. Patent No: 377621 (India), titled “Charging Holder of Mobile Electronic Devices”
  2. Patent Application No: 201921002751 (India), titled “Portable charging holder for mobile devices inbuilt universal socket and charging system”
  3. Design Registration No: 284327 (India), and
  4. Design Registration No: 314166 (India)

Mobile Stand ChargerAn electronic device may develop multiple problems when being charged without a solid support base such as a desk, stand, etc. Sometimes the device remains precariously suspended to the charging cable which results in problems, for example, the device may be dropped down during charging because of any kind of human vibration or mistake due to device self-vibration i.e. while ringing with vibration mode. This abrupt fall of mobile phones may create technical issues with the electronic circuitry of the devices like a battery or charging port failure damage to parts such screen, mike, speaker, including the charger. Accordingly, the present invention provides a charging holder that supports any type of electrical plug and USB cable, making it very convenient to use anywhere. Optionally the device can have a cushion to support an electronic device being charged or support wireless charging.

The product’s benefits to the manufacturer are:

  • Easy to manufacture with fewer parts and components
  • Less machining work. (Only requires Injection Molding machine).
  • Product assembly is very easy
  • Compact, thus takes less inventory space
  • Low manufacturing cost
  • Lesser quality control/ tests required
  • The product is ‘market tested’ and is successfully being sold by Inventors/ Patentee since 2016 over online and offline channels

The product’s benefits to users are:

  • Safe charging when flat non-flammable surface not readily available with charging point of an electronic device
  • Reduces risk of damage to the electronic device and its components
  • One version of the product can support wireless charging
  • Pallete can support devices of various types and sizes, has cushion and open slots for ventilation
  • Supports both Indian Standard and Universal standard
  • Light-weight and compact
  • Low cost

Tushar is currently looking for collaboration with respect to technology. Tushar is already successfully selling the product over online and offline platforms – he is now looking to scale up this up with suitable support and collaboration with you. As a strong technology player in the concerned domain, we’ll be glad to hear back from you and understand if there is an interest in initiating a discussion on this proposition.

Further information can be obtained from here or contact/write back to IIPRD at [email protected].

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