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NFt iiprd

NFT and Patents

What is NFT? Non-Fungible Tokens are primarily digital files of various physical and digital products and works that may be easily traded and saved as tokens. The major draw of NFTs is their individuality; each digital file has a special…

Work From Home

Moonlighting and its Effects

Introduction Since the global epidemic that occurred in 2020,  it has become obvious that the working culture has changed. Working professionals especially those in the IT field, were at the time of pandemic forced to take numerous jobs due to…

TM Licensing

Taxability Of Assignment And Licensing Of Trademark

Introduction An intellectual property right is an intangible right. It is uncontested that the “brand” is often the most valuable asset to a company and the brand name is solely a goodwill and incorporeal property. As trademark denotes the valuation…

Copyright Infringment1

Digital Piracy & Copyright Infringement

Introduction With the growth of the internet and technology progressing rapidly, more and more people are consuming content online. The issue is worse in India because many individuals refuse or are unable to pay the required amount of money for…

Academic Research

Academic Research and Copyright Issue

INTRODUCTION Academic research is connected to literary works, and because there are many similar research works, the likelihood of it being copied unlawfully rises. Therefore, the Copyright Act 1957 provides protection under Intellectual Property Law against unauthorized copies of works.…

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