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AI and Copyright

AI and Copyright Infringement

Introduction AI is posing a wide range of moral and legal issues, including whether AI can own copyright for the work it creates. Existing legislation states that AI cannot possess any type of copyright in the work it creates, as…

AI Generated content

Conundrum of Copyright over the Content Created By AI

INTRODUCTION AI nowadays has been making the headlines for various reasons as Sophia, a human-crafted AI has recently got citizenship of Saudi Arabia becoming the first AI to receive legal personhood of any country which aptly shows the grip of…

AI (1)

Artificial Intelligence as an Inventor in Patent Law

Artificial Intelligence (hereinafter “AIs”) is a computer science discipline focused on developing machinery and systems with the ability to perform tasks attributable to human intelligence. From a patent law perspective, AIs were considered incapable of facilitating inventive processes autonomously and…

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