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Indian -judiciary

AI in the Indian Judiciary: Predicting Justice

ABSTRACT The project employs doctrinal research methods, i.e. secondary research which involves writing on basis of other materials available and this project will attempt to critically analyze the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Indian judiciary. While delivering a judgement,…

AI and IP

AI Positives and Negatives

Introduction to AI:  AI has been successful in creating its own space in almost every walk of life. It is a versatile tool that helps to analyse data and blend information creatively to enhance decision-making. What is AI? The phrase…

AI and Copyright

AI and Copyright Infringement

Introduction AI is posing a wide range of moral and legal issues, including whether AI can own copyright for the work it creates. Existing legislation states that AI cannot possess any type of copyright in the work it creates, as…

AI Generated content

Conundrum of Copyright over the Content Created By AI

INTRODUCTION AI nowadays has been making the headlines for various reasons as Sophia, a human-crafted AI has recently got citizenship of Saudi Arabia becoming the first AI to receive legal personhood of any country which aptly shows the grip of…

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