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Understanding Metaverse and Law: Challenges and Solutions

Introduction Robert J Thieruf  in his book  “Virtual Reality Systems for Business” explains  Virtual reality technology of transforming worlds. "Virtual reality" typically consists of three elements. A computer system that allows the user to interact with the virtual world itself;…

Protection of Fashion

Protecting Fashion or Stifling Innovation

Introduction The Indian fashion market is pegged at an impressive value of $50 billion, out of which 10% consists of international luxury brands.[1] The fashion industry in India is extremely diverse in the type of fabric, labour, design, way of…

Trademark and metaverse

Trademarks and Metaverse

TRADEMARK A trademark is something that we encounter on a regular basis. It is the name given to a product or service. It is an indication of a trade organization's or company's quality and goodwill. A trademark allows a buyer…

Intellectual Property law

Synergy Between Ipr And E-Commerce Platforms

Introduction Intellectual property rights (IPR) in e-commerce are a vital component of e-commerce. Despite its importance, it is frequently overlooked since most people do not comprehend it and its linkages to e-commerce are not evident. Regardless, intellectual property and e-commerce…

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