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A trademark’s degree of registrability or its ability to sustain a suit or enforce a suit hinges upon the nature of the mark. Marks can range from being generic, descriptive, and suggestive to arbitrary and fanciful thereby shaping the strength…

Naked Licensing

Keeping the Eminence Safe Through Naked Licensing

Introduction A trademark helps a consumer obtain goods and services of a certain quality and reduces their confusion related to the goods and services. The importance of the quality of the items offered under a brand has increased with the emergence of…

Color of Pharma Industry

The Colours in Pharma industry

Introduction Emergency use products such as inhalers also possess an inherent "stickiness" factor, as patients are unlikely to switch to a different brand easily once they have grown accustomed to using a specific inhaler, especially in urgent situations. For example,…

IP Protection1

IP Protection For Fintech Companies

Introduction With advent in technology, Fintech industry has been thriving in the recent past. Fintech is the technology, involved in the financial sector. According to a report titled “$1Tn India Fintech Opportunity”, by Chiratae Ventures and Ernest and Young, Indian…

Economic Coffe

By Whatever Beans Necessary

Introduction Standardised by millennials and popularised by Gen Z, the coffee consumption culture has undoubtedly become a vital part of our everyday lives. You might think your daily Cup of Joe only includes the ingredients you prefer but in reality,…

Trademark Genercide

Trademark Genericide : A Paradoxical Conundrum

Trademark law in India is governed under the Trademarks Act, 1999. The Act aims to provide for registration, protection and prevention of fraudulent use of trademarks for goods and services. According to section 2(zb) of the Act, a trademark is…

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