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Enginelock Technology

EnginelockIIPRD is representing Blue Eclipse LLP in an IP Licensing mandate, the subject technology ‘EngineLock(SM)’ offers comprehensive remote wireless engine immobilization to prevent vehicle driveaway theft. The proposed technology enables a plug-and-play installation process that helps install it easily, wherein any user can simply replace the existing ECU fuse himself/herself within minutes and safeguard his/her vehicle against physical and digital attacks, such as ‘Relay attacks’, ‘Ignition switch attacks’ and ‘Key-cloning’. Additionally, with improved over-current protection, Bluetooth LE control, and support for OTA firmware updates, it provides seamless integration services.
The whole pitch deck is represented below

EngineLockSM technology provides remote wireless engine immobilization and supports multiple markets, including:
corporate and consumer car sharing as well as traditional car rental services and direct-to-consumer.

Wireless accessory to an OBD telematics device Smart Key Pro SM or smartphone app

  • Plug-and-play replacement for ECU fuse. Install in minutes…no wires to cut or connect
  • Fuse adapters for any fuse type (micro LP, micro, mini,etc)
  • Prevent engine start from physical and digital attacks*
  • Cybersecurity – can’t shutdown running engine
  • Provides improved overcurrent protection Bluetooth LE control
  • Self-powered by replaceable batteries or connect to vehicle power
  • Supports OTA signed firmware updates

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