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Method To Generate Transliteration

Invention relates to a method to generate transliteration of source language using decision tree based technique comprises selecting text to identify predetermined character, representing various possible phonetics, generating transliterated words, grouping generated words, analyzing annotated words, and applying predetermined rules…

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Avoiding Eaves Dropping In Electronic Devices

Invention relates to a method and an attenuation device for attenuation of voice signals to avoid eavesdropping in electronic devices such as mobile phone, comprises one acoustic to electric transducer configured to generate at least one reference signal, a prediction…

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System For Providing An Integrated Communications Manager

Invention that relates to an integrated communication manager that enables change in number of voice/data communication channels is provided. System comprises at least two interfaces, a memory with stored software and a processor. Device allows the user to personally change…

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Security Device Based On Automatic Image Analysis

Technology related to a low cost automatic image analysis system for a restricted area. The device can be used for a closed room security purpose, with the provision of raising automatic alarm, when anyone breaks the security. The system is…

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Virtual Welding Simulator

Technology relates to a low cost Welding Simulator used to virtually train welding professionals. The simulator is used to impart basic welding skills to novices and to qualify and improve the welding skills of experienced welders. The Simulator includes robust…

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