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Talking/Indicating Chair

The present invention relates to a chair indicating occupancy in general, and more particularly to a talking chair having obstacle sensors to detect chair occupancy that is indicated through utilization of LED lights. The disclosed talking chair has front and…

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Save 3 Technology

The present invention relates to a novel and award winning technology of offering incentive based on energy consumption computed through IoT sensors for Hotel/Hospitality Automation Industry. The technology comprises key cards, switches, and wireless devices, all connected to each other,…

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Technology For Generating Digital DDs And E-Cheques

The technology for generating digital DDs and E-Cheques through mobile phones and ATM has tremendous capability to provide new dimensions in the domain of digitalization. With the use of ATM machines, greater accessibility could be achieved even in the rural…

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Movable Charging And Data-Transfer Port For Electronic Device

This invention relates to movable charging and data-transfer port for electronic devices. Currently, electronic devices like Laptops, come with fixed charging and data transfer ports. This results in occurrence of incidences like Wire Pulling of laptop chargers. It often creates…

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Miniature Remote

The present invention relates to the field of wireless remote control. It is compact and robust in size and extends to enhance the capability to automate the tasks using sound frequencies. With Market Size of 100 million of installed smart…

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