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Doser Cap For Liquid Container

In brief, the subject technology is a Doser Cap designed to dispense mini tablets, pellets, or granules that can create sparkling beverages. It offers several unique features such as tamper-evident and anti-counterfeit measures, unit dose container capability, easy operation, and…

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The under sampled data can be used to obtain the measurement of multiple signals which are placed at a very minimum distance with superior accuracy and minimum error rate which is less than 0.625 MHz. SEMICONDUCTOR MARKET GROWTH 2021-2029 573.44…

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Motorcycle Precision Power Clutch

Blackhawk Technologies, LLC is exclusively representing Tymac Controls Corp. to sell its proprietary motorcycle precision power clutch business. The “Feather Lever” (MEC-300 & MEC-400) is a power clutch that reduces the pull force needed to operate a hydraulic motorcycle clutch,…

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Rotary Vane Reciprocating Compressor

The present invention relates to a rotary vane reciprocating compressor and, more particularly it has positive displacement and aerodynamic compressors. The rotary vane reciprocating compressor (RVR) is a tradeoff between positive displacement and aerodynamic compressors, which provides higher mass flow…

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Retrofitable Retractable Non-Torque Air Suspension System

The present invention relates to a simple and novel design of retrofitable retractable non-torque air suspension system. The proposed non-torque liftable air suspension system for vehicles comprises an axle with tire assembly, a hanger bracket attached to the axle outside…

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