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A Shear-Thickening Fluid Based Packaging Protection System

The function of packaging materials and technique has seen its envelope grow widely in the past few years due to the complex new systems and challenges such as increased consumer demand, long distance logistics, rapid delivery models and strict cost control measures. Nowadays, the cargo has to be protected not only from mechanical shocks, but also temperature fluctuations, humidity, light, pressure, chemical and biological hazards.


Shear Thickening Fluids (STF), also called dilatants, are fluids which do not have a constant viscosity but instead, the viscosity varies with shear force applied. The current system developed by Chinmay Kendurkar utilises this property wherein a reusable shear thickening fluid in a packaging material absorbs shock and vibrations upon receiving signals such a free-fall or impact.

The STF is stored in an outer shell where it is deemed to be most effective for impact absorption in a structure.Sensors can be used to detect free fall, orientation and other characteristics, which also determines the location of impact. The fluid stored inside packaging material would thicken to absorb the impact and thereby reduce damage to the contents of the package.For vibration absorption, its viscosity can be dynamically controlled according to the amplitude and frequency of the vibration so to get maximum efficacy.

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